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Register for GDL Season NINE

Are you ready to improve your game?

Season 9 of the famous GDL league is now open for registration!

You are invited to join the GDL – the only place to be for online darts.

We are proud to be spearheading the development of this code of the sport and we can (almost) guarantee that you’ll see at least one aspect of your game improve.

Our league is specifically designed to ensure that every league game you play is winnable, but also can be lost.

Why is this important? Because it allows you to get more used to that pressure that you feel every now and again in the in-person world of the sport.

Honestly… It REALLY doesn’t matter how bad (or good) you are. We guarantee you there is a division for you that will suit your level perfectly.

And the best thing? The prizes for your division are the same whether you’re in the top division or the bottom division. No elitism here 🙂

Stats like you never imagined

Imagine being able to look at true, accurate, data about your own game so you can see your own progress over time.

Are you hitting more tons recently or do you need to work on throwing straight? What does the scoring phase of your game look like compared to the overall game? You can get it all here. You won’t get this level of detail anywhere else.

And that’s another guarantee.

How does it work?

Without sounding like an old episode of Blue Peter, you will need:

  • A dartboard
  • Some darts
  • A device to type in your scores*
  • A device to show your board on a video call*
  • A reliable internet connection

That’s it. You really don’t need much.

*examples for the devices could be two phones, two tablets, a phone and a tablet, but the best way by far is a PC/laptop with a webcam. 

Our games are played either on nakka or lidarts (that’s up to you and your opponent to decide).

You contact your opponent via their GDL profile and arrange a day and time to play the game, you then play the game and the winner submits the result #simples.

If you’re new to online darts and all that just went over your head, fear not! Keep reading for more info.

Confused? Worried about your setup? Nervous?

Don't worry!

Our GDL Mentors can help you get started.

If you’re new to the GDL, we assign an experienced GDL player to you as a Mentor to help you understand how the system works and probably play a few games with you to get a decent idea of where your game is at. This will help you settle in and will mean that you have a good contact if you need any help or advice.

As a GDL player, you don't just get to play in the league though...

As part of your GDL membership, you become a GDL Tour Card holder. This gives you access to playing:

Get all this, plus banter, fun, and friends for life, for just £9.95 per month.

Entries closed!!!!


Week 1 begins on Monday 3rd April and the season ends 18th June

Completed Entries as of 29/03/23 @ 09:15 BST

Only completed entries will be shown below.

Your name will not be shown automatically after registration and will not appear if you have only completed GDL registration since the latest update time shown above.

If you entered before the time shown above but do not appear on the entry list then your registration is not yet complete. If you are unsure, please contact us to see what information we still need from you.

Aaron Clifford
Aaron Kent
Aaron Pearce
Abe Boughey
Abu Mahmud
Adam Davey
Adam Gawthrop
Adam George
Adam Jones
Adam Laub
Adam McCarthy
Adam McPhillips
Adam Ridley
Adam Shipley
Adam Whelan
Adrian Harlow
Adrian Luscombe
Adrian Rayel
Aidan Corkerry
Aidan Robertson
Al Saunders
Alan Bowden
Alan Brown
Alan Cahill
Alan Collins
Alex Hickton
Alex Houghton
Alex Kempster
Alex Powell
Alex Tearle
Alex Ward
Alexander Mundy
Alexey Bushuy
Andre Wertheim
Andrew Adams
Andrew Browning
Andrew Ellemore
Andrew Hills
Andrew Kinsman
Andrew Marsden
Andrew McCormick
Andrew Mundy
Andrew Skeggs
Andrew Walsh
Andy Dunn
Andy Fenn
Andy Hind
Andy Holloway
Andy Turner
Andy Welland
Ant Hume
Anthony Flood
Anthony Hawkins
Anthony Wilson-Geen
Antony Munn
Armin Scharif Zadeh
Arran Breslin
Arran Ross
Artur Scibor
Ash Cardno
Ash Price
Ash Smith
Ashley Coombs
Ashley Everitt
Barry Moyles
Ben Cahill
Ben Dorkins
Ben Fenton
Ben Mocroft
Ben Winter
Bence Bányai
Billy Blakeman
Billy McKenzie
Billy Shanahan
Billy Watson
Blake Osborne
Bleddyn Richards
Bobby Priest
Brad Rimmell
Bradley Coyne
Bradley Pitts
Bradley Sharp
Bradley Warren
Brendon Clark
Brett Pickersgill
Brian Taylor
Brian Todd
Bruno Amaro
Bryan Gilmour
Buster Davies
Cai Thomas
Cameron Leslie
Cameron Phillips
Carl Doyle
Carli Wigham
Charles Stedman
Charlie Bubb
Charlie Cook
Chris Bonnie
Chris Freshwater
Chris McLeod
Chris Millen
Chris Roberts
Chris Scouller
Chris Sharp
Chris Wall
Christopher Elliott
Christy Gough
Ciaran O'Leary
Cliff Aaron
Clifford Williams
Cody Jordan
Cody Lance
Colin Thompson
Connor Kavanagh
Craig Beaton
Craig Finnie
Craig Fowler
Craig Marshall
Craig Miller
Craig Nealon
Craig Young
Dale Cosgrove
Damijan Nejasmic
Dan Buller
Dan Burchmore
Dan Edwards
Dan Geddes
Dan Hutchinson (Northamptonshire)
Dan Kent
Dan Lane
Dan Thomas
Daniel Anderson
Daniel Boyle
Daniel Brown
Daniel Chivers
Daniel Forrest
Daniel Grossi
Daniel Hillman
Daniel Horgan
Daniel Jones (WALES)
Daniel Lax
Daniel Lyons
Daniel Morris
Daniel O'Brien
Daniel Pellegrina
Daniel Walmsley
Daniel Watkins
Daniele Di Tofano
Daniele Goncalves
Danny Harrison
Danny Kennedy
Danny Trueman
Danny Wakley
Danny Woodworth
Darren Armstrong
Darren Flanagan
Darren Fletcher
Darren Reed
Darren Stedman
Daryl Clarke
Dave Bowen
Dave Francis
Dave Taylor
Dave Wood
David Carr
David Cummins
David Ferguson
David Hodges
David Hollas
David Marshall
David McCrum
David Nightingale
David Stewart
David Swan
David Thomson
David Warren
David Weymes
David Wright
David-John McGeoch
Davy Jones
Dazz Humphreys
Dean Duff
Dean Lax
Dean Smith
Dean Todd
Dean Watson
Declan Walling
Dennis Hand
Dewi Kalsi
Dmitriy Zhukov
Donald Bain
Dylan Ritchie
Eddie Packard
Edward McMillan
Elliot Lewthwaite
Ellis Radford
Eoghan Carlos
Eoin Keary
Eric Gavin
Eric Wice
Erlens Mitrofanovs
Ethan Packard
Ethan Scott
Euan McFarlane
Euan Page
Fausta Janulyte
Fiachra Furlong
Finley Dicks
Finley Hewitt
Gareth Johnston
Gareth Lines
Gary Hawkins
Gary Morris
Gaz Magill
Gene Hill
George Sadek
George White
Georgie Jones
Gerry Levins
Glenn Goodman
Glenn Jones
Graeme Cromwell
Graeme-Tait Buchan
Graham Smyth
Grahame Paton
Greg Compton
Greg Lloyd
Greg Lyndon
Gregor Leask
Hagai Berkovich
Harry Willoughby
Haydn Phillips
Hazel Jacobson
Henrik Sjöberg
Henry Davidson
Hugo Brottman
Hywel Jones
Iain Fraser
Ian Brooks
Ian McLeish
Ian McLeod
Ian Norton
Ian Pearmain
Ian Wilby
Ian Windross
Isaac Garrett
Ivan Newman
Iwan Lewis
Jack Bowman
Jack Crompton
Jack Dalby
Jack Gennard
Jack Kelly
Jack Newton
Jack Papierowski
Jack Stubbs
Jack Taylor
Jack Walker
Jacob Hopkins
Jacob Soo
Jacob Whittingham
Jak Stott
Jake Clark
Jake Dickinson
Jake Emmerson
Jake Loughlin
Jake O'Sullivan
Jake Pankhurst
Jake Powell
Jake Stobie
James Baker
James Brooker
James Crews
James Dolden
James Draper
James French
James Hooper
James Mundy
James O'Regan
Jamie Cassidy
Jamie Chinn-Brown
Jamie Croke
Jamie Currie
Jamie Harper
Jamie Haslop
Jamie Jarrett
Jamie Marcoons
Jamie Phillips
Jamie Pick
Jamie Reynolds
Jamie Ward
Jason Gumprecht
Jason James
Jaycee Deville
Jenna Kelman
Jens Schellekens
Jeremy Saunders
Jeroen Saccol
Jesse Borger
Jim Malkin
Jimmy McKirdy
Joe Carson
Joe Crowley
Joe Feeley
Joe Jones
Joe Logan
Joe Taylor
Joel Eriksson
John Arnold
John Brett-Smith
John Byrne
John Curtis
John Dempsey
John Forrest
John Lyons
John Magill
John McCluskey
John Molyneux
John Peacock
John Smyth
John Titcombe
John Tunstall
Jon Witherspoon
Jonathan Davies
Jonathan Horn
Jonathan McMillan
Jonathan Moore
Jonathan Winfindale
Jonny Kinsella
Jonny Redfearn
Jordan Brown
Jordan Osborne
Josh Atkinson
Josh Barnes
Josh Chilvers
Josh Givelin
Josh Hall
Josh Lee
Josh Underwood
Josh Williams
Julian Potts
Justin Anthony
Justin O'Dell
Justin Reß
Kane Darkes
Karl Hughes
Karl McDonald
Keiran Crompton
Keith Crilly
Keith McGuire
Keith Murray
Keith Price
Keith Slocombe
Keith Young
Ken Campion
Kev Hardwick
Kevin Asselman
Kevin Crainie
Kevin Lane
Kevin Thackwell
Kieran Guinnessy
Kieran Loughran
Kieron Parkes
Kirk Trimby
Kristian Cuffe O'Malley
Kyle Bennett
Kyle Bevan
Kyle Watts
Lars Jensen
Lars Nilsson
Lawrence Barlow
Lawrence Kelman
Lee Holtham
Lee Morgan
Lee Nightingill
Leigh Brooks
Leon Parker
Lewis Butcher
Lewis Carter
Lewis Connell
Lewis Jefferies
Lewis Longthorn
Lewis Main
Lewis Martin
Lewis Quayle
Lewis Salter
Lewis Wall
Liam Anderson
Liam Andrews (WALES)
Liam Brusby
Liam Desai
Liam Kennedy
Liam Meyrick
Liam Robinson
Liam Smith
Liam Tait
Liam Telfer
Liam Wilson
Liam Woodward
Liz Fenwick
Lloyd Willis
Lo Wolswijk
Louie Kirk
Louis Birmingham
Louis Mancini
Louise Cameron
Lucas Adkin
Luke Hickton
Luke Micklethwaite
Luke Mulhern
Luke Plane
Luke Ryan
Maikel Slenders
Malachy Rooney
Malcolm Lane
Marc Bradbury
Mariusz Moroń
Mariusz Niemyjski
Mark Armitstead
Mark Foster
Mark Gordon
Mark Kett
Mark Murray
Mark Nicholls
Mark Nightingale
Mark Smith
Mark Weafer
Martin Johnston
Martin Kirkby
Martin Moir
Martin O'Connell
Martin Thomson
Mathew Collins
Mathew Snape
Mathijs Blommaert
Matt Gilmartin
Matt Lee
Matt Smith
Matt Thompson
Matt Tizzard
Matteo Azzarelli
Matthew Crosby
Matthew Gallent
Matthew Hine
Matthew McCarthy
Matthew Virgin
Matthijs Pater
Matty Rogers
Max Cotillard
Max Wright
Michael Atkinson
Michael Bates
Michael Brown
Michael Bruce
Michael Buchan
Michael Cox
Michael Fearon
Michael Kimber
Michael Malone
Michael Nolan
Mike Dalton
Mike Hughes
Mike Wallis
Nathan Almond
Nathan Bright
Nathan Buckley
Nathan Gibbons
Nathan Malone
Nathan Matthews
Nathanial Minskip-Aggett
Neil Badrock
Neil Ferguson
Neil Forrest
Neil Munro
Neil Webster
Neil Westgate
Niall Dunne
Niall Russell
Nick Brandon
Nick Hogarth
Nick McCartan
Nick Piggott
Nickie Adamson
Nicky Goodbrand
Niklas Brackelmann
Noel McVeigh
Oisin Furlong
Osvaldas Bielskis
Owen Meanwell
Owen Simpson
Paddy Icemann
Paul Anderson
Paul Barker
Paul Brown
Paul Driscoll
Paul Gardner
Paul Gray
Paul Grimes
Paul Kennedy
Paul Lees
Paul Oliver
Paul O'Malley
Paul Ross-Ruffy
Pauric McGroarty
Pearce Todd
Peter Browning
Peter Voor de Wind
Phil Lee
Rachel Wakefield
Raitis Ritums
Reece Bates
Richard Cameron
Richard Collins
Richard Davies
Richard Dennison
Richard Lusardi
Richard Pain
Ricky Hitchmough
Rob Brideson
Rob Milton
Robbie Priddle
Robbie Wright
Robert Beatty
Robert Bond
Robert Green
Robin van Eijkelenborg
Roger G Nyberg
Roger King
Roger Osborne
Ronan Quigley
Rory Jones
Ross Davie
Ross Evans
Ross Passfield
Ross Pizzey
Ross Smith
Ross Stevenson
Ryan Clayton
Ryan Fereday
Ryan Kingwell
Ryan McDonald
Ryan McNally
Ryan Murray
Ryan Nassau
Ryan Sergi
Ryan Vessey
Sam Edlin
Sam Hunt
Sam Phillips
Sam Slade
Samuel Norris
Samy Van Vooren
Scot Duncan
Scott Artiss
Scott Cameron
Scott Haugland
Scott Pearson
Scott Winder
Sean Berry
Sean Butcher
Sean McHugh
Sean McMillan
Sean Somerville
Shane Anderson
Shane Craddock
Shaun Babbage
Shaun Bennett
Shaun Devonald
Shaun Hopkins
Simon Alwyn Rees
Simon Cuthbert
Simon Key
Simon Knowles
Simon Loy
Simon Nicholson
Simon Parker
Siôn Jenkins
Stan Beuving
Stephen Burton
Stephen Carr
Stephen Curwen
Stephen Hewitt
Stephen Lewis
Stephen McDermott
Steve Baert
Steve Boyce
Steven Adleigh
Steven Bromage
Steven Brown
Steven Longden
Steven Neil
Steven Passmore
Steven Rennie
Steven Wallace
Steven Wintle
Stewart Blacow
Stuart Cobb
Stuart Gaylor
Stuart Mason
Stuart McGill
Stuart Muir
Stuart Thorne
Sue Nealon
Thomas Barnes
Thomas Bent
Thomas Graynoth
Thomas Hurst
Thomas Mackay
Thomas Oldfield
Thomas van der Meer
Toby Hill
Tom Beresford
Tom Chapman
Tom Davies
Tom Luxford
Tom Moon
Tom Newcomb
Tom Pritchard
Tom Procter
Tom Seaborne
Tom Wesley
Tom Williamson
Tom Yeomans
Tomas Morrissey
Tommy Ferguson
Tommy Whatton
Tomos Hughes
Tony Standing
Tristan Djiann
Vincent Borgmans
Wade Myers
Walisson Oliveira
Warren Hobson
Wayne Fereday
Wayne Gordon
Wesley Harney
Wez Elston
Wiets Botes
Will Thorpe
William Campbell
William Wright
Wouter Otten
Zachary Thornton

Incomplete Entries* – Last Updated 04/01/23 @ 23:45 GMT

*Mentorship to be completed, membership to be completed or eligibility review TBC
Alan Adams
Bryant Stingley
Carrick Chaney
Conor Farrell
Daniel Radford
Dylan Lynn
Ian Gardner
Jack Shaw
John Tunstall
Jonathan Campbell
Lawson Stanley-Hunt
Liam Desai
Luke Cheevers
Mark Weafer
Matt Avenell
Thomas Slater
Tiernan Roberts
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