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Joe Carson’s GDL extra write up

Well last night I entered the GDL Xtra mini Grand Slam as usual run fabulously by Sean and Paul.

3 top blokes along with me entered, so round robin it was. First up was Lee “Good Guy” Andrews. I Started off good and into a 2-0 lead but this was short lived as Lee started the comeback and took control with a best leg of 17 and a 68.78 avg hitting 5 100+ and 5 140+ scores my own best leg of 19 and a 63:49 avg with 10 scores of 100+ just not good enough. Well done Lee on the 5-2 win.

Next up Julian “Got The Lot” Potts. Again off to a good start and again 2-0 up but Julian wasn’t sitting back and taking it and got himself into a 4-3 lead a 112 out got me level then a superb 17 dart leg had Julian Julian winning 5-4. 64:81 avg to hot for my 56:55. Well played Julian.

Last game of the night was Ethan “The Calm” McMahon. This was really a game of missed doubles and an unfortunate 118 burst by Ethan. 2 x 180s from Ethan kept me honest as it went with throw. A 19 dart final leg gave me the victory nowt to shout about average wise as we were both low 50s but as always a pleasure.

The final between Lee and Julian was pretty good too. Lee got himself into a lead only for Julian to bring it back to 3-3. Lee then won the next 2 for a 5-3 victory and the title. Lee managing a 69:78 , 9 100+, 5 140+ and a 14 dart leg and Julian 62:16 avg , 7 100+ , 2 140+ and a 17 dart leg.

Well done to everyone!!

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