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Paddy Mann v Michael Woodbridge match report

Last night was a last 16 game in the Q1 Grand Prix contested by Paddy “The Iceman” Mann and Michael “Woody” Woodbridge.

It was pretty even all the way through with neither really taking a grip of the game the first 2 legs were shared. Then leg 3 iceman hits an 18 dart leg, which was pretty good considering he kicked off with 15.

This seemed to knock Woody a wee bit as Paddy piled on the pressure to open up a 2 leg lead with a nice 24 dart leg. Leg 5 and Michael gets another leg on the board to make it 3-2 Michael has the throw in leg 6 but some unlucky set up play let’s Paddy extend his lead to 4-2. Leg 7 a must win for Woody and Paddy has the throw. 60, 62 and 59 for some steady darts from the Iceman but Woody replies with 140,100,100 to leave 161 after 9.

Then the wheels fell off for Michael as Paddy stuck at it and eventually after a few missed doubles from Woody, Iceman checked out for a 5-2 win. Woody finished with a 54.97 avg and a 68.57 first 9 and Paddy ended with a 55.31 avg and first 9 of 57.86. Story of set up and doubles for Michael but definitely on another day he’ll give most a run for their money as for the Iceman he lives for another day and progresses to the QF.

Good luck to both, to Paddy for remainder of tournament and Michael for rest of season.

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