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League Format

Everybody will play everybody in their pool once. At the end of the first cycle of matches, the equaliser comes into play.

Match format is leg play. Match length is shown in the format section, found below.

Each match can end in a draw. As an example, if your division is best of 10, it is first to 6 and stop the game OR 5-5. If your division is best of 12, it is first to 7 and stop the game OR 6-6.

You are expected to follow the order of fixtures on the website. Each matchweek is dated.

To find your fixtures, please use the links below.

‘Race to the World Championship’ Points

Players are awarded ‘Race to the World Championship’ points based on where they finish in their ‘Equaliser’ pool. Players MUST finish all games to be eligible to receive these points.

The allocated points are as listed:

Group 1
1st: 165pts
2nd: 150pts
3rd: 135pts
4th: 130pts
5th: 125pts
6th: 120pts
7th: 115pts

Group 2
1st: 110pts
2nd: 95pts
3rd: 80pts
4th: 75pts
5th: 70pts
6th: 65pts
7th: 60pts

Group 3
1st: 55pts
2nd: 40pts
3rd: 25pts
4th: 20pts
5th: 15pts
6th: 10pts
7th: 5pts


All games must be played on time unless an extension has been granted via a support ticket.

It is important that players keep to the required structure in order to facilitate the smooth running of all leagues.

Players will be expected to arrange a suitable day and time to play their fixtures within the week that they’re assigned.

Weeks run from Monday to Sunday.

3 points are awarded for a win, 1 for a draw and 0  for a loss. The league is ordered by points, then leg difference, legs won, and finally, result(s) between the players.

Week 1 begins 30th August 2021.

Results for the leagues are added to the website THE DAY AFTER the results are submitted, where possible 

Teams League

As well as playing to do as well as you can in your own individual league, you are now part of a team! Each team has one player from each of the 13 divisions.

Your team will be pitched against another team, where your individual match result will count towards an overall goals score against the other team. Two goals will be added to the team’s total for each player who wins their specified match and one goal for each player who draws theirs.

The team who has the most goals at the end of the week will be declared the winner of the teams match and pick up 3 points.

1 point is awarded for a team draw and 0 for a team loss.

Check out your team:

Top Tip: Once you've found which team you're in, type team and your team number e.g. team 13 and press search.
You'll then be shown all the people in your team.
Simon KeyTeam 1
Darren BoughTeam 1
Lee AndrewsTeam 1
Stephen McCormackTeam 1
Daniel RadfordTeam 1
Matthew GallentTeam 1
Joe FitzpatrickTeam 1
Harry WilloughbyTeam 1
Tommy GabrielTeam 1
Paul GunningTeam 1
James O'ReganTeam 1
Sam TattersfieldTeam 1
Jake DobbieTeam 1
Sean RossTeam 2
Ben FieldingTeam 2
Gary CookTeam 2
Sober Darts GuyTeam 2
Dean WatsonTeam 2
Daniel CoopeTeam 2
Luke DonisthorpeTeam 2
John DevaneTeam 2
Alex RollTeam 2
Chris MillenTeam 2
Nigel WakefieldTeam 2
Colin GaughanTeam 2
Adam BrookTeam 2
Alexey BushuyTeam 3
Dale PaulTeam 3
Michael FearonTeam 3
Alan BowdenTeam 3
Paddy MannTeam 3
Neil WebsterTeam 3
Frank KeenanTeam 3
David WarrenTeam 3
Josh MasonTeam 3
Jason JohnsonTeam 3
Ian McLeishTeam 3
Dan CakebreadTeam 3
Kevin SteensonTeam 3
Scott WinderTeam 4
Dave TaylorTeam 4
Stuart ButlerTeam 4
Tim Jones (Ireland)Team 4
John CurtisTeam 4
James TooneTeam 4
Stephen RoutledgeTeam 4
Tommy FlynnTeam 4
Danny KennedyTeam 4
Ryan KerrTeam 4
Gavin StedmanTeam 4
Louis MurrayTeam 4
Daniel Corbett-YeatesTeam 4
Paul TubbTeam 5
Brendon ClarkTeam 5
Josh WilliamsTeam 5
Bradley GeorgeTeam 5
Warren VanderaheTeam 5
David LeeTeam 5
Jack AveryTeam 5
Alexandru CostecTeam 5
Ryan NassauTeam 5
David WallTeam 5
Aidan CorkerryTeam 5
Cameron McFarlaneTeam 5
Michael BennettonTeam 5
Thomas HowlingTeam 6
Martin CoullTeam 6
Ryan HollandTeam 6
Brian DooganTeam 6
John BurgessTeam 6
Andrew HuntTeam 6
Michael FleetTeam 6
Lee HumphreyTeam 6
Johnny RooneyTeam 6
Leon ParkerTeam 6
Ben WhiteTeam 6
Ross SmithTeam 6
Stuart McGillTeam 6
Tony MitchellTeam 7
Paul PenfoldTeam 7
John SmythTeam 7
Joe CarsonTeam 7
Ryan UrquhartTeam 7
Adam PopeTeam 7
Declan WallingTeam 7
Nathan WoodhouseTeam 7
Nick McCartanTeam 7
David FergusonTeam 7
Stuart CobbTeam 7
Dwaine ButtersTeam 7
Lewis QuayleTeam 7
Luke NewportTeam 8
Paul HockenhullTeam 8
Gary TrowTeam 8
Mark TomlinTeam 8
Jason O'ConnorTeam 8
Lee GilbertTeam 8
Martin MoirTeam 8
Paul O'MalleyTeam 8
Liam CowlinTeam 8
Erik SaulTeam 8
David NightingaleTeam 8
Graeme-Tait BuchanTeam 8
Jason RuizTeam 8
Michael BeardTeam 9
Nigel HylandsTeam 9
Lee KilcoyneTeam 9
Craig FinnieTeam 9
Brian HylandsTeam 9
Alan LappinTeam 9
Darren StedmanTeam 9
Ashley CalverTeam 9
Tomas MorrisseyTeam 9
Martin ThomsonTeam 9
Tommy WrightTeam 9
Rachel WakefieldTeam 9
Andrew KinsmanTeam 9
Danny TruemanTeam 10
Craig NealonTeam 10
Oisin FurlongTeam 10
Thommo SmithTeam 10
Craig FowlerTeam 10
James LeighfieldTeam 10
Jay VargoTeam 10
David Alvaro GriffithsTeam 10
Paul GrayTeam 10
Martyn JonesTeam 10
Nicky GoodbrandTeam 10
Jared PhillipsTeam 10
Mark NightingaleTeam 10
Dan HutchinsonTeam 11
David O'LearyTeam 11
Tyler GabrielTeam 11
Brian RitchieTeam 11
Justin O'DellTeam 11
Iain FraserTeam 11
Rob BridesonTeam 11
Scott JacksonTeam 11
Jamie PhillipsTeam 11
George McLeanTeam 11
Bradley SharpTeam 11
Henry DavidsonTeam 11
Fiachra FurlongTeam 11
Keith SlocombeTeam 12
Jimmy McKirdyTeam 12
Jeroen SaccolTeam 12
Rob DownerTeam 12
Ryan BroadbentTeam 12
Kate DrakeTeam 12
Hywel JonesTeam 12
Phillip McConnellTeam 12
Howard PhillipsTeam 12
Steven BowlesTeam 12
Scot DuncanTeam 12
Dave BowenTeam 12
Wayne GordonTeam 12
Wayne TraskTeam 13
Adam GawthropTeam 13
Julian PottsTeam 13
David McCrackenTeam 13
George FowlerTeam 13
Ethan PackardTeam 13
John McCluskeyTeam 13
Andrew SkeggsTeam 13
Ryan MurrayTeam 13
Paul DavisonTeam 13
Michael BleasdaleTeam 13
Alex TearleTeam 13
Paul LeesTeam 13
Kevin LaneTeam 14
Aaron PearceTeam 14
Simon IsbellTeam 14
Christopher ElliottTeam 14
Michael WoodbridgeTeam 14
Niall DunneTeam 14
Matt LynnTeam 14
Eddie PackardTeam 14
Adam LinfordTeam 14
Ryan McMahonTeam 14
Gaz BondTeam 14
Marco CorradoTeam 14
Marc O'DonovanTeam 14
Dan TatumTeam 15
Ryan HarkerTeam 15
Jamie McIntoshTeam 15
James EdwardsTeam 15
Daniel BrownTeam 15
Luke ColesTeam 15
Lewis CarterTeam 15
Daniel MayerTeam 15
Scott WickensTeam 15
Liam TaitTeam 15
Adam GeorgeTeam 15
Gary LightfootTeam 15
Michael KimberTeam 15
David WrightTeam 16
Mike BaberTeam 16
Neil DempseyTeam 16
Andrew RollasonTeam 16
Sean McHugh (withdrew)Team 16
Joe LoganTeam 16
Ian MalcolmTeam 16
Billy BlakemanTeam 16
Oliver WarrenTeam 16
Dean HoldenTeam 16
Ross PizzeyTeam 16
Paul BurkeTeam 16
Sue NealonTeam 16
Adam MouldTeam 17
Steve Greenwood (withdrew)Team 17
Jim ThompsonTeam 17
Mat McCallionTeam 17
Jamie MacPheeTeam 17
Edward McMillanTeam 17
Sammy BookerTeam 17
Isabel KerrTeam 17
Stephen CurwenTeam 17
Chris ScoullerTeam 17
Kev HardwickTeam 17
Jordan RitchieTeam 17
Dazz HumphreysTeam 17
Dmitriy ZhukovTeam 18
Kyle BevanTeam 18
Matty RogersTeam 18
Ethan McMahonTeam 18
Ian BainTeam 18
Geoff BettsTeam 18
Kevin ThackwellTeam 18
Shaun LawsonTeam 18
Matthew GoldsmithTeam 18
Jack EdgeTeam 18
Michael McGlenTeam 18
Alan CahillTeam 18
Tom ChapmanTeam 18
Andy BlydeTeam 19
Dave FrancisTeam 19
Mark WebsterTeam 19
Tom GittinsTeam 19
Tom BeresfordTeam 19
Dylan RitchieTeam 19
Rob SullivanTeam 19
Matt SmithTeam 19
Ian WindrossTeam 19
Jordan Turner (Derbyshire)Team 19
Bartosz WikaTeam 19
Sam EdlinTeam 19
Oliver SwettenhamTeam 19
Stuart PritchardTeam 20
Janis MustafejevsTeam 20
Philip SmithTeam 20
Colin StewartTeam 20
Ryan OakleyTeam 20
Ricky KingTeam 20
Lawrence KelmanTeam 20
Lars JensenTeam 20
Sean RooneyTeam 20
Alex PowellTeam 20
David CumminsTeam 20
Billy MarshTeam 20
Richard BiddingtonTeam 20
John CrossleyTeam 21
Mark VenablesTeam 21
Peter ReynoldsTeam 21
Jack KellyTeam 21
Billy ShanahanTeam 21
Sye Porter-BishopTeam 21
Bradley WarrenTeam 21
Mick BarclayTeam 21
James AylesTeam 21
Pablo RoderoTeam 21
Gaz StevensTeam 21
Dale Cowan (timed out)Team 21
Tony StandingTeam 21

Match Formats and links to tables and fixtures

To find your fixtures, click on your name in the table to go to your player profile and see the matches tab.

The links below contain all pools for each division.

ALL divisions from Superleague down to division 5 are BEST OF TWELVE legs.

ALL divisions from division 6 down to division 11 are BEST OF TEN legs.



Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

Division 5

Division 6

Division 7

Division 8

Division 9

Division 10

Division 11

Have a question? Check the guidelines and this page first.

We are a very small team. Smaller than you can imagine given the size of the operation (Our stats man is only 5’3″!). So we cannot deal with questions that have answers available on this website. Please search around for the answer before messaging us.

Sponsor's discount code

Use the discount code GDL at our GDL Partner St. Helen’s Darts Shop to get a discount off their products:

Variable discount amount. Call 01744 750407

Find out which division you are in:

Top Tip: Once you've found which division you're in, type div and your number e.g. div 8 and press search.
You'll then be shown all the people in all the pools in your division.
Kevin LaneSuperleagueA
Luke NewportSuperleagueA
David WrightSuperleagueA
Paul TubbSuperleagueA
Andy BlydeSuperleagueA
Dan TatumSuperleagueA
Stuart PritchardSuperleagueA
Michael BeardSuperleagueB
Dmitriy ZhukovSuperleagueB
John CrossleySuperleagueB
Ryan DavisSuperleagueB
Simon KeySuperleagueB
Sean RossSuperleagueB
Tony MitchellSuperleagueB
Alexey BushuySuperleagueC
Adam MouldSuperleagueC
Keith SlocombeSuperleagueC
Danny TruemanSuperleagueC
Thomas HowlingSuperleagueC
Scott WinderSuperleagueC
Wayne TraskSuperleagueC
Mark VenablesPremiershipA
Ben FieldingPremiershipA
Dale PaulPremiershipA
Nigel HylandsPremiershipA
Steve GreenwoodPremiershipA
Jimmy McKirdyPremiershipA
Paul HockenhullPremiershipA
Craig NealonPremiershipB
Martin CoullPremiershipB
Lewis DarePremiershipB
Paul PenfoldPremiershipB
Ryan HarkerPremiershipB
Dave TaylorPremiershipB
David O'LearyPremiershipB
Dave FrancisPremiershipC
Brendon ClarkPremiershipC
Adam GawthropPremiershipC
Kyle BevanPremiershipC
Darren BoughPremiershipC
Aaron PearcePremiershipC
Mike BaberPremiershipC
Jim ThompsonDiv 1A
Oisin FurlongDiv 1A
Stuart ButlerDiv 1A
Josh WilliamsDiv 1A
Peter ReynoldsDiv 1A
Simon IsbellDiv 1A
Philip SmithDiv 1A
Michael FearonDiv 1B
Lee AndrewsDiv 1B
Lee KilcoyneDiv 1B
Matty RogersDiv 1B
Neil DempseyDiv 1B
Ryan HollandDiv 1B
Tyler GabrielDiv 1B
Jeroen SaccolDiv 1C
Jamie McIntoshDiv 1C
John SmythDiv 1C
Julian PottsDiv 1C
Mark WebsterDiv 1C
Gary TrowDiv 1C
Gary CookDiv 1C
Thommo SmithDiv 2A
Tim Jones (Ireland)Div 2A
Brian RitchieDiv 2A
Craig FinnieDiv 2A
Stephen McCormackDiv 2A
Christopher ElliottDiv 2A
Ethan McMahonDiv 2A
Mat McCallionDiv 2B
James EdwardsDiv 2B
Colin StewartDiv 2B
Andrew RollasonDiv 2B
Bradley GeorgeDiv 2B
David McCrackenDiv 2B
Mark TomlinDiv 2B
Sober Darts GuyDiv 2C
Rob DownerDiv 2C
Jack KellyDiv 2C
Tom GittinsDiv 2C
Joe CarsonDiv 2C
Brian DooganDiv 2C
Alan BowdenDiv 2C
Daniel BrownDiv 3A
Warren VanderaheDiv 3A
Billy ShanahanDiv 3A
Ryan UrquhartDiv 3A
George FowlerDiv 3A
Sean McHughDiv 3A
Craig FowlerDiv 3A
Tom BeresfordDiv 3B
Marvin MiddletonDiv 3B
Michael WoodbridgeDiv 3B
Ryan OakleyDiv 3B
Paddy MannDiv 3B
Brian HylandsDiv 3B
Jamie MacPheeDiv 3B
Ian BainDiv 3C
Daniel RadfordDiv 3C
Dean WatsonDiv 3C
John BurgessDiv 3C
Justin O'DellDiv 3C
Ryan BroadbentDiv 3C
John CurtisDiv 3C
Iain FraserDiv 4A
Kate DrakeDiv 4A
Lee GilbertDiv 4A
Ethan PackardDiv 4A
Ricky KingDiv 4A
Neil WebsterDiv 4A
Daniel CoopeDiv 4A
Edward McMillanDiv 4B
Joe LoganDiv 4B
James TooneDiv 4B
Matthew GallentDiv 4B
Luke ColesDiv 4B
Andrew HuntDiv 4B
Alan LappinDiv 4B
Adam PopeDiv 4C
David LeeDiv 4C
Dylan RitchieDiv 4C
Sye Porter-BishopDiv 4C
Geoff BettsDiv 4C
James LeighfieldDiv 4C
Niall DunneDiv 4C
Hywel JonesDiv 5A
Ian MalcolmDiv 5A
Lawrence KelmanDiv 5A
Kevin ThackwellDiv 5A
Martin MoirDiv 5A
Luke DonisthorpeDiv 5A
Lewis CarterDiv 5A
Jack AveryDiv 5B
Stephen RoutledgeDiv 5B
Declan WallingDiv 5B
Michael FleetDiv 5B
Jay VargoDiv 5B
Darren StedmanDiv 5B
Rob BridesonDiv 5B
Joe FitzpatrickDiv 5C
Sammy BookerDiv 5C
Bradley WarrenDiv 5C
Rob SullivanDiv 5C
John CameronDiv 5C
Frank KeenanDiv 5C
John McCluskeyDiv 5C
Andrew SkeggsDiv 6A
Phillip McConnellDiv 6A
Mick BarclayDiv 6A
Lee HumphreyDiv 6A
David WarrenDiv 6A
David Alvaro GriffithsDiv 6A
Shaun LawsonDiv 6A
Alexandru CostecDiv 6B
Isabel KerrDiv 6B
Eddie PackardDiv 6B
Lars JensenDiv 6B
Harry WilloughbyDiv 6B
Nathan WoodhouseDiv 6B
Billy BlakemanDiv 6B
Jack AlexanderDiv 6C
Matt SmithDiv 6C
John DevaneDiv 6C
Ashley CalverDiv 6C
Paul O'MalleyDiv 6C
Daniel MayerDiv 6C
Scott JacksonDiv 6C
Oliver WarrenDiv 7A
Howard PhillipsDiv 7A
Nick McCartanDiv 7A
Liam CowlinDiv 7A
Danny KennedyDiv 7A
Alex RollDiv 7A
Ian WindrossDiv 7A
Matthew GoldsmithDiv 7B
Johnny RooneyDiv 7B
Paul GrayDiv 7B
Tommy GabrielDiv 7B
Adam LinfordDiv 7B
Stephen CurwenDiv 7B
Ryan MurrayDiv 7B
Sean RooneyDiv 7C
Scott WickensDiv 7C
Tomas MorrisseyDiv 7C
James AylesDiv 7C
Jamie PhillipsDiv 7C
Ryan NassauDiv 7C
Josh MasonDiv 7C
Paul GunningDiv 8A
Pablo RoderoDiv 8A
Jack EdgeDiv 8A
David FergusonDiv 8A
Jason JohnsonDiv 8A
Liam TaitDiv 8A
Martin ThomsonDiv 8A
Paul DavisonDiv 8B
David WallDiv 8B
Martyn JonesDiv 8B
Alex PowellDiv 8B
Erik SaulDiv 8B
Chris MillenDiv 8B
Steven BowlesDiv 8B
Jordan Turner (Derbyshire)Div 8C
Chris ScoullerDiv 8C
Ryan KerrDiv 8C
Dean HoldenDiv 8C
Ryan McMahonDiv 8C
George McLeanDiv 8C
Leon ParkerDiv 8C
Aidan CorkerryDiv 9A
Gavin StedmanDiv 9A
Gaz StevensDiv 9A
Michael BleasdaleDiv 9A
Bradley SharpDiv 9A
Bartosz WikaDiv 9A
Kev HardwickDiv 9A
Tommy WrightDiv 9B
James O'ReganDiv 9B
Ben WhiteDiv 9B
Ross PizzeyDiv 9B
Gaz BondDiv 9B
Michael McGlenDiv 9B
Ian McLeishDiv 9B
Adam GeorgeDiv 9C
Nicky GoodbrandDiv 9C
Antony ChestersDiv 9C
David NightingaleDiv 9C
Stuart CobbDiv 9C
Nigel WakefieldDiv 9C
David CumminsDiv 9C
Dean FergusonDiv 10A
Dwaine ButtersDiv 10A
Louis MurrayDiv 10A
Dale CowanDiv 10A
Billy MarshDiv 10A
Jordan RitchieDiv 10A
Alan CahillDiv 10A
Dan CakebreadDiv 10B
Sam EdlinDiv 10B
Paul BurkeDiv 10B
Henry DavidsonDiv 10B
Alex TearleDiv 10B
Graeme-Tait BuchanDiv 10B
Gary LightfootDiv 10B
Jared PhillipsDiv 10C
Dave BowenDiv 10C
Sam TattersfieldDiv 10C
Ross SmithDiv 10C
Colin GaughanDiv 10C
Rachel WakefieldDiv 10C
Marco CorradoDiv 10C
Michael KimberDiv 11A
Adam BrookDiv 11A
Jake DobbieDiv 11A
Tom ChapmanDiv 11A
Jason RuizDiv 11A
Paul LeesDiv 11A
Daniel Corbett-YeatesDiv 11A
Marc O'DonovanDiv 11B
Dazz HumphreysDiv 11B
Sue NealonDiv 11B
Kevin SteensonDiv 11B
Stuart McGillDiv 11B
James BarnesDiv 11B
Fiachra FurlongDiv 11B
Lewis QuayleDiv 11C
Richard BiddingtonDiv 11C
Wayne GordonDiv 11C
Mark NightingaleDiv 11C
Andrew KinsmanDiv 11C
Oliver SwettenhamDiv 11C
Michael BennettonDiv 11C

Wednesday night streams

Throughout the league seasons, we stream up to 4 matches each Wednesday night*. The matches are from a varying range of divisions throughout the entire league system, to showcase the levels of ability we cater for.

Our YouTube channel can be found here or by searching for GDL darts on YouTube. Subscribe now to get alerts of when we’re going live.

If you would like to have one of your GDL league games features on the Wednesday night streams, please fill in your details below and we’ll get in touch when we have a slot for you. Due to the resources required to run the GDL stream, we ask for a £10 charge per player for the matches to be played on stream.

*Some Wednesdays may not have streams due to varying factors. There is no guarantee that we will be streaming on any given Wednesday.

Dan Statman League Cup

Introducing…The Dan Statman League Cup v2!

Round 1 is a mini round-robin followed by SFs and Finals
13 grades, one for each division (Pools A-C combined)
Winners choose between a Double Trouble Taster Pack and 6x500ml “Double Hops“! Runners-up receive a GDL180 mini-bundle!
‘Race to the Worlds’ ranking points up for grabs for the winners, runners-up and semi-finalists!
Winners: 40pts
Runners-up: 20pts
Semi-Finalists: 10pts
Must be either in the current leagues or on the reserve list & own a tour card!
FREE entry if you meet the above requirement!
Entry details to follow with the comp starting 4th October!


See your Division Hub for more info!

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