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The GDL Leagues Hub

Please read the guidelines fully before continuing. If you ask questions to which the answers are in the guidelines, you might not get a response from the team.

League Format

Everybody will play everybody in their pool once. At the end of the first cycle of matches, the equaliser comes into play.

Match format is leg play. Match length is shown in each individual leagues hub.

Each match can end in a draw. As an example, if your division is best of 10, it is first to 6 and stop the game OR 5-5. If your division is best of 12, it is first to 7 and stop the game OR 6-6.

You are expected to follow the order of fixtures on the website. Each matchweek is dated.

To find your fixtures, please use the links below.

‘Race to the World Championship’ Points

Players are awarded ‘Race to the World Championship’ points based on where they finish in their ‘Equaliser’ pool. Players MUST finish all games to be eligible to receive these points. There are also points available for the League Cup. Replacement players who join after the Equaliser commences are awarded points as though they were in Group 3, irrelevant of the Group they’re in i.e. if a replacement player joins in the second week of the Equaliser, are put in to Group 1 and finish runner-up, they receive 30 ranking points which is the equivalent of finishing runner up in Group 3.

The allocated points are as follows:

Group 1
1st: 140
2nd: 125
3rd: 115
4th: 110
5th: 105
6th: 100
7th (if applicable): 95

Group 2
1st: 90
2nd: 75
3rd: 65
4th: 60
5th: 55
6th: 50

Group 3
1st: 45
2nd: 30
3rd: 20
4th: 15
5th: 10
6th: 5


League Cup
Winner: 40
Runner-Up: 20
Semi-Final: 10
2nd in Group: 5


All games must be played on time unless an extension has been granted via a support ticket.

It is important that players keep to the required structure in order to facilitate the smooth running of all leagues.

Players will be expected to arrange a suitable day and time to play their fixtures within the week that they’re assigned.

Weeks run from Monday to Sunday.

3 points are awarded for a win, 1 for a draw and 0  for a loss. The league is ordered by points, then leg difference, legs won, and finally, result(s) between the players.

Week 1 begins 4th April

Results for the leagues are added to the website THE DAY AFTER the results are submitted, where possible 

Individual League League Hubs.
Check here for tables, fixtures, stats, and more related to your division only

Have a question? Check the guidelines and this page first.

We are a very small team. Smaller than you can imagine given the size of the operation (Our stats man is only 5’3″!). So we cannot deal with questions that have answers available on this website. Please search around for the answer before messaging us.

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Find out which division you are in:

Top Tip: Once you've found which division you're in, type div and your number e.g. div 8 and press search.
You'll then be shown all the people in all the pools in your division.
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Statman League Cup

Introducing…The GDL League Cup

Round 1 is a mini round-robin followed by SFs and Finals
21 grades, one for each division (Pools A-C combined)
Winners receive a GDL Voucher.
‘Race to the Worlds’ ranking points up for grabs for the winners, runners-up and semi-finalists!
Winners: 40pts
Runners-up: 20pts
Semi-Finalists: 10pts
Must be either in the current leagues or on the reserve list & own a tour card!
FREE entry if you meet the above requirement!
Entry details to follow with the comp starting 24th January!


See your Division Hub for more info

Reserve List

To be placed on the reserve list in case of any league withdrawals, please fill out the form below.

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