GDL Online World Tour

January 2021 sees the FIRST EVER Online World Tour get under way, with an unlimited amount of entrants fighting it out to reach 4 majors over the year, including the inaugural Online World Tour World Championship. For people 16 years and over.

GDL stands for Graded Darts Leagues, meaning that players are pitched against other players of similar abilities to theirs. This ensures that almost every match is competitive throughout all abilities ranging from 30 averages, all the way up to 90+.

We do this by reviewing historical data such as games played on scoring sites like Nakka, LiDarts, Dartconnect etc. and other proprietary analysis which you only find in the GDL.

What is the GDL Online World Tour?

The GDL Online World Tour is 3 different sets of graded players that will all have a reasonable chance of beating each other on their day.

Each grade has its own set of majors with its own prize pot and ‘race to the major’ qualifiers its own prize pot. All majors are sponsored by

The grades are:

Below 54avg.



On top of all of this is free entry into the highly successful GDL divisions. 5 divisions, promotion and relegation and banter all included

"What can I get out of it?"

Firstly, you get to meet some great people. We fully believe that the online darts community is full of fantasitc people that will do anything to help others out. You also get to play competitive darts against real people online, which will allow you to play meaningful games rather than get bored practising faster than a match between Ricky Evans and Vincent van der Voort.

You also get a chance to win cash. And we’re not talking a local Friday night knockout down the Dog & Duck cash, we’re talking proper cash. Big cash.

Each grade has its own set of majors and each major has a Β£1000 prize pot, sponsored by our media partners DartsMad

"Okay so how much?"

Put it this way… If you can afford Netflix you can afford to play in the GDL.

GDL membership is only Β£5.95 per month

And you get ALL the following for that tiny price:

  • Membership of the tour with your own player profile
  • 4 ‘race to the major’ qualifiers per quarter
  • 4 majors per year including the big one… The GDL Online World Tour World Championship
  • Option to join the GDL league system, with leagues broken down even further into five grades (highly recomended, it’s no extra cost and even more money!)
  • Unique stats from our resident statistician Dan Darts PPR – he’s great, go follow him on Twitter.

Get 5 friends to join the online world tour and get your very own personalised GDL darts shirt.

πŸ“£ We have setup a dedicated support channel for any queries you have regarding the GDL! πŸ“£

If you can't find your answer on any of the hubs or in the FAQs, please use the support form on 😎

Unfortunately you can’t see the mega 180 I just slammed in the dartboard behind me wayheyyy all down to my new darts shirt from @GDL180 my first ever darts shirt with my name on and still room for sponsors πŸ™ƒ haha and the start of this tweet was definitely a lie🎯😊 #lovethedarts

What a cracking game with @tomsportsjourno to start our @GDL180 7A league campaign off. Great company, a top lad and we both agreed it was a fair result over the course of 10 legs. All the best for your next game mate πŸŽ―πŸ‘Š

@GDL180 happy with my first game in the GDL 6 all against @samuelmallon good game ,good craic . Decent averages but a poor last leg by both . Hopefully the 1st game nerves are gone .

Got a flattering win in my first @GDL180 league match. Scoring was ropey but doubling saved me. Unlucky @xJared04 thanks for the game, top lad.πŸ‘πŸŽ―

Managed a win in the @GDL180 open qualifier tonight. Thanks to @parsyuksel28 for the close game.
Horrendous finishing by both of us .
At least he has youth on his side.
A nice chap to talk to as well.
All the best young man πŸ‘

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Introducing the ladies only league!

We have lots of ladies wanting to get into online darts, but are worried about only playing against guys all the time. We are now pleased to launch a ladies’ only league.Β 

Depending on numbers, there will either be one or more pools, or different grades, like each of the main leagues.

There will be a sponsor for the pools and a healthy prize fund.

Ladies leagues are Β£12.99 for the complete season, however if you want to join the main tour as well, the ladies league is free of charge.

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GDL Online World Tour

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