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My Tour 9 Experience

Hello GDL members and members to be.

I am not the best of writers, however, I would blog my experience of tour 9 and keep a note of my feelings going into the remaining majors. 

What am I hoping to achieve by this? Not 100% sure to be honest. I hope that some future GDL players read this, provide them an insight into my experience.

This tour is a bit different with being double in, double out. Recently been struggling with my doubles. So going into this tour a bit nervous. The drew, live on YouTube, is the link to this. The draws are live for all tour games. (That I have seen). Does not take too long to complete. For me, I gained a bye into the last 64 and will play either Josh Cassidy or Craig Young.

Looking at the Order of Merit for the Championships. I am currently 57th so only just in the main tour. Need a big performance in the coming tours to ensure my place. Only the best make it. Will be a privilege to be a part. However, that being said, have the Randomiser before that which should be great fun.

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