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3 weeks ago no Comment

My preferred match day are Friday evenings or Monday mornings due to working nights. I can do others, get in touch to discuss. thanks Adey

GDL journey
7 months ago no Comment

I started playing in the GDL back in season 5. Then I was in silver because of how I played online with my friends.  I suddenly realised how out of my depth I was. Now and again I could play to a middling silver level. But alot of my finishing consistently let me down.  Since …

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My Tour 9 Experience
7 months ago no Comment

Hello GDL members and members to be. I am not the best of writers, however, I would blog my experience of tour 9 and keep a note of my feelings going into the remaining majors.  What am I hoping to achieve by this? Not 100% sure to be honest. I hope that some future GDL …

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9 months ago no Comment

After a good couple of months on the board I started showing signs of my old self from a few years back. A tour RU, Tour Winner, Season 4&5 group 1 RU and Season 5 League Cup RU helped me on my way to a promotion to silver  Season 6 has seen me go into …

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A small fish in a big pond. Part 1.
9 months ago no Comment

Ive decided to do a blog, because if anyones like me and got nervous being moved up a grade, I’ll be blogging my season highs and lows. Some laughs and stories.    23rd of june, I got a direct message from the GDL on twitter, I dont get any DMs usually, I wondered what I …

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Season 6 – Broken promises???
9 months ago no Comment

I do Solemnly swear to use the same set of darts (with the same set-up) for the entirety of Season 6. GDL Mesmerisers for the season!!

9 months ago no Comment

I Love the game of darts , the gdl has gave me the encouragement to enter local comps . Never won any thing in the game , but met some fantastic players who I class as friends for life . My biggest achievement in darts is being a mentor for new players joining the league …

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Season 5
9 months ago no Comment

Well that was a write off. not nearly enough time on the board, and it showed. miles off where I should be at the moment, but I’ll be back.  

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